The mission of The Bridge is, and always has been, to unite the hearts of youth with the heart of God.  Over the years, we've had numerous different programs and parts of the ministry directly focused on accomplishing that goal.  

In August, after 10 years, we officially closed one of those parts of the ministry.  Bridge United (originally called The Sanctuary) served as a youth church since 2004 and helped hundreds of teenagers learn and grown in their relationship with God.  Bridge United was closed in order to pave the way for our Home Small Groups, which we believe will speak to that purpose even more.

We do, however still have another gathering of our church every Sunday morning that we would love for every Bridge member to join us for, if you do not already have a church body that you belong to.

Christ Fellowship meets every Sunday at 10:30am.  Upon closing Bridge United, and as we have encouraged Bridge members to attend on Sunday mornings, one question was asked repeatedly:

Will there be a shuttle or transportation available to bring us to and from Christ Fellowship’s 10:30am gathering?
— A whole lot of youth

Well, we've been working on that problem and now are ready to announce that...

The Bridge Shuttle is back in operation!

Here's how the new shuttle will operate:

  1. If you need a ride to the 10:30am Sunday gathering, you must contact us no later than 7pm on Saturday night. You will need to contact us every week that you need transportation.
    1. You can text us at 908-718-7091 to request a shuttle ride.
    2. You can email us at to request a shuttle ride.
    3. You can request a pick up on our Pick Me Up reservation page.
  2. We will contact you back with information on your scheduled Pick Me Up.
  3. A Pick Me Up Shuttle will pick you up at one of The Bridge's locations (School 07, 12, 16, 18, 19, or 23) and then return you to the same place after Christ Fellowship's gathering ends.
  4. You will have an awesome time with Jesus and our church family.

We hope you take advantage of this service if you need a ride and join us every Sunday to worship and learn.