It's that time of year again!  Since school has officially opened in Elizabeth, it's time for The Bridge's Friday night program to start back up as well.  

We have a lot planned for this new season, and we can't wait to see you again as we have fun, grow together, and better know more the God who created and loves us.

But with the new year comes some new changes, and this year we have a few pretty substantial changes that are taking place that we think you should know about.

BYM Logo 2016 - Midtown.png

1. We are re-opening The Bridge: Midtown

The Bridge: Midtown was the first Bridge that was ever opened, on June 02, 2000.  In 2012, we had to close down the location, but we are now re-opening it!  The Bridge: Midtown will meet every Friday night in The Liberty Center on Elizabeth Ave.  This Bridge will be a little different from the other Bridge Friday locations, in that it will not meet in a gymnasium and will instead have a coffeehouse style setting.

2.  The Bridge: North Elizabeth and Uptown are merging

For years The Bridge: North Elizabeth has met in Robert Morris School No. 18 and The Bridge: Uptown has met in Madison-Monroe School No. 16.  Both of these gyms inadequate for our needs and so we are closing both our School 16 and School 18 and merging them into one brand new location at Ronald Reagan School No. 30, and we are keeping the name North Elizabeth for this new location.  If you have attended the old Bridge: North Elizabeth at School No. 18 or The Bridge: Uptown at School No. 16 in the past, you will need to now attend in School No. 30 across the street from Stop 'n Shop.

3.  The remaining four Bridges will continue to meet as they have in the past.

Our four remaining Bridge locations, The Bridge: Downtown (School No. 7), The Bridge: Elmora (School No. 12), The Bridge: South Elmora (School No. 19), and The Bridge: Twenty-Three (School No. 23) will meet just as they always have in the past at their regular locations.

All Bridges follow the same schedule.

Bridge, Jr (for grades 2 - 5) is from 6pm - 7pm
The Bridge (for grades 6-12) is from 7pm - 8:30pm

Don't forget to bring a filled out and signed Parent Consent Form with you on the first night of Bridge.

Just as in every year, you will need to bring a NEW completed and signed Parent Consent Form with you on your first night of Bridge.  You will not be allowed to enter without one.  You can download a form from this website here and print it out yourself to fill out in advance.

You can see our full schedule on our CALENDAR page so you can always keep up to date with what The Bridge is up to next. We look forward to seeing you on September 23 in any of our six newly updated locations!